Participate in the Golf Trophy in support of The Cotrel Foundation

logo_trophee_fondation_cotrel_soutien_compétition_de_golf_comprendre_la_scolioseOUR NEXT APPOINTMENTS ON THE GREEN IN 2018

We will never repeat it enough: MOVE!

With or without scoliosis, a healthy body passes through a maximum of activities.

Unlike what seems to be dictated by the still too widespread idea, regular practice of a sport is recommended to all those suffering from scoliosis. 
The sport helps to support the discomfort of the corset, to improve its respiratory function and to strengthen the muscles of the back.

Scoliosis is not fatal.
Let us cite as evidence, the star dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot,  who, between 12 and 17 years, left her corset only to dance; James Blake , tennis player ranked 4 th world, he also wore a corset of 13 to 18 years or Usain Bolt , regarded as the fastest man of the world …

Because golf is a matter of posture and it forces the activity soft but continuous, we encourage you to its practice.

Since 2013, the Fondation Cotrel Support Trophy has been investing in golf courses.

For you and with us, participate in sports competitions for the benefit of research.

On different greens of France, come to meet us, inform you and participate in the research.

Full rights to the game are transferred to teams of researchers supported by the Foundation.

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