In memoriam

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr. Yves Cotrel.

He passed away peacefully, at his home, surrounded by his family.

Colleagues or pupils, patients or donors, each one of us will have a particular memory or story to share. But all of us will remember his great smile and his sparkling eyes.

Dr. Cotrel incarnated duty and commitment; he was a man of extraordinary Faith, who felt he had a mission for which he was guided.

He also was a demanding, never tired, facetious person, a generous man who listened to others, and with an open mind.

His personality and his studies equally shaped his career.

He truly was a good man.

I learned a lot with and from him and I know that I will hear his warm voice sharing good advice or funny little stories.

He used to repeat how lucky he had been and how much he felt he had to say “Thank You”.

If you will allow me to be more personal, let me tell you how lucky I have been… and tell him “thank you, Chef!”

And if we are upset today, let us remember that it is only because we have been so blessed to cross his path.

Nora MC

Funerals are taking place on Feb 2nd, in Eglise Saint Sauveur, Dinan at 2.30 PM
A Requiem mass will be held on Feb. 12th, in Eglise Saint Pierre de Chaillot, Paris at 5pm

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