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Since its creation in 1999, the Fondation Yves Cotrel pour la Recherche en Pathologie Rachidienne has focused on its core research theme: The Etiology of Idiopathic Scoliosis. Over last 23 years, the Foundation has supported 77 research projects from all over the world. They are

Laureates 2021

Two teams were selected by the Scientific Board in December 2021. * Pr Florina Moldovan (Sainte Justine, Montreal, Canada)* Dr Aurélien Courvoisier (Grenoble, France). Pr René Castelein’s project, undertaken in (Utrecht, Netherlands) was selected by both the Cotrel Foundation and the Scoliosis Research Society



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The Foundation’s primary area of research is idiopathic scoliosis (which means  “scoliosis of unknown cause”). Scoliosis is a deformation of the spine. It is a common disease that affects about 1 to 3% children in the general population. It affects 4 girls for every boy.

77 research projects across the world
4,9 millions euros

4 main research   :

  • BiomechanicsStudy of the spinal axe and the forces to which it is subjected: gravity, effects of mechanical muscular constraints, ligamentary, and growth
  • Genetics : Study of the heredity of the genes responsible for transmission from generation to generation.
  • Metabolic : Study of the cellular functions and their effect on chemical or hormonal mediators such as melatonin, estrogens
  • Neurosensory : Research on the nervous system and the sensorial organs (vision, balance)
Pr Florina Moldovan
Montréal, Canada
Pr René Castelein
Utrecht, Pays-Bas